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Prophet PhotoApostle Prophet Calvin Hunter was born in Marks, Mississippi to the parents of Archie and Mamie Bruce Hunter. Calvin was the youngest of five sons who all died in infancy because of their intolerance to drinking milk, but Mamie Hunter had promised Calvin to the Lord. She nurtured him on sweet water and orange juice, and he grew to be healthy, strong, and the typical teen. Mother Hunter would always remind Calvin of his miraculous beginning knowing that one day he would have to answer the call of God upon his life.

In 1985, Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter graduated high school in Hayti, Missouri where he left his mark as an outstanding athlete. Shortly afterwards, he married his high school sweetheart, started a family, and moved to Illinois where he worked three years as a state correctional officer for the Pontiac Maximum Security Prison.

It was 1987 when Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter had a life changing experience. He met the lord for the first time in his life on August 21, 1988. While returning from a late night in Chicago, he had fallen asleep at the wheel. He, his wife at the time, and infant son found themselves slamming into another vehicle. Hunter felt the hand of the Lord restraining him as he went head first through the front windshield, but only suffered minor injuries. His eight month old son, however, was ejected from the car and had to be air lifted to a hospital where he lay fighting for his life in a coma. Doctors said that the family should pull the plug because the baby would, at best, be a vegetable. At his mother’s insistence, they refused and believed God for the best. The troubles did not stop there. Hunter faced a number of legal charges. He was cited for driving 75 miles per hour in a 45 mile zone; he was a resident of Illinois but possessed a Missouri driver’s license; he faced child neglect allegations because his son was not in a child safety seat and he had caused bodily injury to occupants of two other vehicles involved in the accident. In addition, nearby property had been damaged and if the baby died naturally or as a result of pulling the plug, he would face a charge of negligent homicide. He stood before a judge to answer all the charges. It was at this instance that Hunter heard the voice of God for the first time. The lord told him to plead guilty to the charges and watch how He would move on his behalf. Miraculously, the judge who had exercised severity in punishing others, dismissed every charged against Hunter. He left that courtroom praising God and knowing that indeed God was speaking to him. He told the lord that whatever He would have him to do, he would do. The lord asked him, “Do you trust me now?” Hunter answered, “Yes”, and the Lord instructed him to go to the hospital and tell the doctors to release his son to go home with the coma machine. He did just that and set up the machine in his mother’s home and soon returned back to work at Pontiac Correctional Facility. While at work one day, he felt ill and returned home. When he got there he noticed that the machine began to make a strange noise. He went over to the machine and his son had woken up, and was made whole, healed from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet. From that day forward, Hunter has acknowledged the voice of God in his life, and has allowed the lord to order his steps. Through the help of dynamic Men of God like Bishop James Lane of Caruthersville, Missouri and Apostle Bishop Eddie Emerson of Humboldt, Tennessee; God began to raise him up as a prophet of God and told him that he was going to use him to deal with people that had hard cases and that through him; God would deliver them out of their bad situations when he prayed for them. Who knew that Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter would become an awesome leader in the body of Christ?

In 1990, Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter began evangelizing in the southeast region of the U.S., but unfortunately while traveling him and his wife separated. During his journey, God had given him a vision so he began writing. Afterwards, he met Cheryl Charles who was able to help him put his writings into a form of a manual which was published as the “School of the Prophets”. A few years later, he divorced his 1st wife and remarried Cheryl Charles and had two sons. Also, he was blessed to finally receive his very first gospel tent in 1997. Many miracles happened during his tent crusades and the crowds grew to capacity.

Later on he moved to Alabama and in 2000 his ministry was incorporated as Another Dimension World Outreach Ministry. Also, he was forced to buy a larger tent that seated nearly 1,000 people. People from all around near and far came to see the miracles that God wrought through this anointed man of God. Hundreds were blessed under his miracle tent. Then during his revival in Andalusia, Alabama; an allegation aroused against him. This alleged incident would test his integrity and commitment to ministry and the calling of God upon his life.

Unfortunately in 2001, he was convicted and sentenced seven years in prison which he only served 29 months for at Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore, Alabama. Despite, what God had allowed, Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter continued to be obedient to his calling and for the entire 29 months he ministered the word of God to all that were confined in the prison around him. Quickly he became a great facilitator and mentor to inmates of all ages. Hundreds of them gathered to hear Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter minister the word of God and prophesy while inmates were laid out under the spirit of God. Many inmates and correctional officers received prophetic words that came to pass in their lives. Because of the anointing upon his life; he helped transform and rehabilitate dozens of inmate lives through the gospel while they were in the prison system.

On August 8, 2003, Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter was released from prison. Faithfully, he continued his ministry. He began revival in Wetumpka, Alabama. In each revival, testimonies of healings, deliverances, and financial breakthroughs abounded. For instance, blinded eyes were opened in Kankakee, Illinois; deaf ears were unstopped and a mute tongue loosed in Pine Hill, Alabama and many more miracles happened.

In 2004, Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter debuted on television with a weekly broadcast, “Taking The World To Another Dimension”. Miracle testimonies began to pour in through the mail and over the prayer center phones lines. Shortly after the new year of 2005, Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter obeyed the voice of God and opened a prophetic church in Montgomery, Alabama and Twenty-five people joined the very first night. It has been called by many the “fastest growing church in Montgomery.”  Also, he began teaching the School of the Prophets to those who had a prophetic calling; training them to move accurately and effectively in the gifts of the spirit. He quickly achieved many accomplishments. That very same year Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter received the 2005 National Leadership Award as an Honorary Chairman Business Advisory Council along with the Ronald Regan Republican Gold Medal from the National Republican Congressional Committee out of Washington D.C. which he served as a member since 2005.

Also in 2006 Apostle Prophet Hunter received the Congressional Order of Merit Award for his undying commitment, patriotic loyalty, and dedication of service to President George W. Bush, the Republican Party, and the United States of America and was made a member of the Republican Presidential Task Force. Also, during this time he and his 2nd wife, Cheryl Hunter, were going through a bad divorce, but despite the obstacles he was facing; he received a prophetic word from his close friend and spiritual mentor, Prophet Munday Smith, who told Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter that the White House would need him and as a sign; he would be getting a call. After receiving that word he was encouraged and continued to obey the voice of God and sent a prophetic word on compact disc to Governor Bob Riley prophesying to him that he would see four more years in office even when it seemed impossible. Nevertheless, Governor Riley was reelected for governor of Alabama November 8, 2006. Finally, Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter’s prophetic word spoken to him came to pass.  In 2007, he was cordially invited and attended the 2007 President’s Dinner with the former President George W. Bush in Washington D.C. and the Governor’s Mansion in Alabama with Governor Bob Riley during the Christmas Holiday. Though his gift had brought him before great men, the enemy continued to fight and attack him on every side.

In 2008, Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter went in to see his registration officer in Elmore County to make sure his registration papers was faxed over from Montgomery County. Keep in mind that Prophet Calvin Hunter had faced racial and prejudice remarks from his registration officer in previous matters concerning his beliefs. While there the officer stated that he did indeed received his paperwork, but decided to file a warrant against him anyway for not registering. Again, he was locked up for another 24 months. While at Limestone Correctional Facility he continued to preach the gospel, prophesy, and God continued to bring his words to pass in inmates and other people lives. He was released from prison in March of 2011 with New Beginnings. Despite, the many setbacks, trials, and tribulations; Apostle Prophet Calvin Hunter has been in ministry for over 24 years now and he will continue to do the work of the Lord by teaching leadership, ministering the word of God and demonstrating the power by God that’s given unto men.


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